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Concrete Maintenance

Concrete Fact:

Don't fall prey to the myth that concrete is indestructible and maintenance free.

Deicing chemicals, salt and water penetration combined with the freeze and thaw cycles can destroy your driveway, sidewalk or steps to your home or business.

This causes high expense in repairs by either patching or completely replacing.

CKR Construction can deep clean your concrete and apply a deep penetrating sealer, giving your concrete that fresh new look and at the same time, protect your investment. The sealer is the TK-290 water repellent membrane sealer and, when applied correctly, it lines the pores and and capillaries, making them hydrophobic.

Cleaning and sealing will prolong the life of your concrete.

When we meet with you, our goal is to provide you with the best economic alternative for your situation.

Applications begin when temperatures are above 48 degrees.



With the harsh winters in Kansas City it has never been a better time to clean, seal and rejuvenate your concrete.